Scheveningen, Den Haag, district


Scheveningen can be reached by car from the house within 15 minutes The seaside resort of the Netherlands with its beautiful Kurhaus , where you can dine in nice surroundings, and the famous Pier. Here is also the Circus Theatre , the venue for musicals, concerts and family shows.

de pier van Scheveningen

Pier of Scheveningen


The harbor is well worth a visit: next to the old fishing boats, the harbor becoming trendy-and there is the perfect place to eat fish. You will find nice restaurants to eat, such as the famous fishmongers Simonis , Rootz at the Harbour or Restaurant Dagvisser .

Scheveningen is the South Beach resort, known as the surf beach beach, and the North Beach, which consists of trendy beach clubs where a lot is carried out. Kitesurfing Quieter beaches are away and can be reached (also just go to the beach you are at the cottage in Kijkduin) through the dunes behind. In Scheveningen, you can also shop 7 days a week at the Palace Promenade .

Sealife, a presentation of many of the most beautiful fish aquariums, provides for the less good days a fun trip and Museum Sculptures by the Sea  is for the lover of images. Of course you can also go to the big Pathe Cinema  (up to 8 screens) go to watch movie.

Look at the site of Scheveningen for the latest information on activities.


het beroemde Kurhaus

the famous Kurhaus


Den Haag / The Hague

Den Haag or The Hague is known as the natural center of national politics, the Courtyard with its famous castle, is located here. Did you know that you are guided through the Binnenhof can get? International famous is of course the Peace Palace , the worldwide symbol of peace and justice including the International Court of Justice. Besides the state city of The Hague is also an ‘ordinary’ real city where art and culture in abundance. There are wonderful museums such as for example the Mauritshuis , the Municipal Museum and the Panorama Mesdag Museum , the largest painting in the Netherlands. Here is the Anton Philips Hall and the Lucent Dance Theatre , the home bases of the Hague Philharmonic and Dutch Dans Theater.

 Binnenhof Den Haag   Panorama Mesdag
Binnenhof Den Haag                                         Panorama Mesdag


Furthermore there (family) entertainment as Madurodam , the famous ‘mini’ Netherlands, Family Park Three Vliet , an amusement park for the little and big kids, the Museon , a very accessible museum for children to do and see whether the  Omniverse , a big screen movie theater where films are projected onto a screen for the audience back in the form of a hemisphere, the size of half a football field. Spectacular!

Madurodam    omniversum filmtheater
  Madurodam                                                     Omniversum

Drievliet piratenschip

   Familypark Drievliet


And all this while still keeps the city you feel really walkable and friendly. Beautiful architecture with beautiful mansions, the palaces and Noordeinde Huis ten Bosch of the royal family, modern and old shopping (eg Fred , the “most beautiful avenue of the Hague) and the Haagse Passage , the oldest shopping center in the Netherlands. It’s a real, beautiful city behind the dunes.

paleis Noordeinde  Haagse Passage
palace Noordeinde                                                          Haagse Passage


Not only during the day but in the evening and at night there is much to experience. The city has many squares with restaurants, cafes and nightspots. For more information on the agenda out of The Hague.

District of Den haag / The Hague

Delft                                                                                                                              Delft, famous picturesque town with its many canals and old buildings from the Golden Age and the world famous Delft Blue pottery. The only remaining Delftware factory from the 17th century, Royal Delft / The Royal Delft , is worth visiting. Take a boat tour through the canals and visit the New Church, where the royal tombs are.


 delfts blauw
Delft Bleu

Visit Museum The Prinsenhof , where William of Orange was assassinated in the eighty year war against the Spanish occupation of the Netherlands by the Spanish-minded Balthazar Gerards in 1584. There is much to see in Delft, visit the site of Delft for more information.

Museum Het Prinsenhof  WvOranje vermoord
Museum The Prinsenhof