general terms and conditions

1. Definitions

Accommodation: The following should be understood: the cottage vakantiehuisbijdezee

Administration costs: Costs associated with the reservation (eg booking fees, disbursements)

Cancellation: The written termination by the tenant of the agreement before the effective date of the stay.

Third: any other person other than the tenant and / or his co-tenant (s).

Facilities: All facilities inside or outside the parks which on the basis of the agreement may be used

Guests: All persons covered by the term tenant who use the Accommodation and / or the facilities of the park, as well as visitors to the park.

Commission Disputes: Disputes Committee Recreation in The Hague, compiled by ANWB / Consumers / RECRON.

Rental costs: the fee paid for the use of the property, this is indicated on the site which is not included in the price.

Costs: All costs associated with the Lessor the making available of the Accommodation

Co-tenant: the person also indicated on the contract (o) n (s) or in the absence of mention of this, the people traveling with the Tenant.

Park manager: the party managing the Kijkduinpark organizes Roompot in this case.

Park Rules: The rules that Kijkduinpark been prepared and which additional rules are included.

Tenant: the person with the landlord’s agreement on the Property concerned.

Reservation: signing by the Tenant of his / her interest for a certain period of stay in the accommodation via the electronic filling out the reservation form or contact information form and send it to the landlord.

Total: The total amount due relating to the agreement between the Landlord and Tenant excluding the deposit.

Expansion: A simple addition to the existing agreement such as ordering an extra bed linen or signing an additional participant.

Landlord: the owners that the property to the tenant available and also the user of these terms and conditions in force at the park Park Regulations.

Deposit: An amount before the start of or during the stay will be charged as a deposit for any damage during the stay by (the actions of) the tenant caused. Also any forfeited contractual penalties can be utilized. The Deposit

Modification: A change in the agreement such as changing the rental period or the nature of the accommodation.

2 content, duration and termination of the agreement

The Lessor provides for recreational purposes, not for permanent residence, to the Lessee the accommodation available for the period agreed agreed, the latter gives it the right to use this property of the agreed type and for the persons indicated.

The landlord is obliged to the information on which the agreement is partly prior information, in writing or by email. Closed to the Tenant The landlord makes changes to it becoming known in time to the Tenant, in writing or by email.

If the information deviates from the information, as presented at the conclusion of the agreement, the tenant is entitled to cancel the agreement. No cost

The tenant has the obligation the agreement and the rules in the corresponding information to comply. He shall ensure that the co-tenant (s) and / or third parties who visit him and / or his / her stay the agreement and comply with the rules in the associated information. The landlord assumes that the Lessee with the consent of his possible partner concerning this agreement.

The agreement will terminate automatically after the expiry of the agreed period, without any special notice being required.

3. Applicability Conditions

These General Conditions apply to all bookings and agreements concluded between the landlord and the tenant in respect of the rental of the accommodation. Include, at least, but not limited to, stay in the park and use of the property and all facilities unless specific different rules apply.

The Terms & Conditions can be found on the website of

In addition to these Terms and Conditions are also the additional rules of the Park Regulation applicable to the contract. These rules are available in the accommodation and can be mailed to the tenant on request.

All guests are subject to the General Conditions and the Park Rules. They must meet the requirements contained herein and strict rules to follow and instructions of the staff of the park manager in what form and in what connection whatsoever to follow.

The Tenant shall ensure that all persons traveling with him and his guests take note of all these conditions and regulations and is responsible for compliance.

The landlord reserves the right to make changes in the interim General Conditions and / or the Rules. To The Lessor disclaims all other conditions to which the (Co) Tenant (or Guest) refers or used by hand. The (Co) Tenant (or a guest)

4. Reservations / rebates / payments


Reservations can be made only by persons who are older than 21 years (the Lessee). The lessor is entitled at any time to require. A copy of the identity card of a Guest Giving wrong names and / or address and / or other important information may result in immediate termination of the agreement and the removal of the park without prejudice to the right of the landlord to pay the Total Price.

The Lessor reserves the right at any time and without giving any reason to refuse a reservation.

On request, the electronic confirmation of a reservation made by post. If the tenant believes that the attachment contains inaccuracies, shall at the latest within 10 days from date of confirmation and before the start of the stay to be made. Writing to the landlord After the expiry of this period, on alleged inaccuracies no longer be invoked and the confirmation considered correct. If the Tenant after reservation has not received written confirmation within 14 days should contact the landlord failing which no appeal to the booking can be done. He contacted immediately

Only when the reservation is confirmed by the Lessor, the agreement between the Parties.

(Arrival) receives information about the tenant 10 days before arrival by mail. For bookings within 5 days before arrival, this information is provided immediately after payment by email. To reserve the property brings the Landlord administration costs. The amount of these costs is pre-announced by the Lessor.


Any discount should be. Reported immediately upon booking Offsetting or refund is then no longer possible.

Combinations of discounts are excluded unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Additional bookings

Additional bookings must be made in the same way as the booking. Already made When connecting to the already reserved booking period no additional administration fee and no extra cleaning.

Cancellation by the Tenant

If canceled Tenant pays a fee to the landlord. This is:

  • if canceled more than three months before the effective date, 10% of the Total Price;
  • if canceled within three months to six weeks before the commencement date, 50% of the Total Price;
  • if canceled within six weeks before arrival, 100% of the Total Price;

The fee will be proportionately refunded after deduction of administrative costs if the accommodation is booked for the same period or part thereof and Total price, plus the deposit, by a third party nominated by the Hirer and with the written consent of the landlord is received. by the landlord of these third

The Tenant is advised to exclude, for example in the ANWB cancellation insurance.

Cancellation by the Lessor

The owner may terminate the lease in the following cases:

  • in case of force majeure which include war, strike, natural disaster, extraordinary weather conditions, fire, death of the owner.
  • compelling circumstances. Substantial circumstances means circumstances which are such that the rental property is impossible, which include theft of inventory, vandalism to the property or sell the property.
  • All amounts paid by the tenant for the rent of the house will be refunded within 2 weeks. The owner is not liable for any damage suffered by the tenant as a result of the termination of the agreement.


The tenant must make the payments in euros unless otherwise agreed, in accordance with the agreed deadlines.

  • 50% of the total amount plus fees must be within 5 days of booking met.
  • The remainder of the Total Price plus the deposit should be. Paid at least 6 weeks prior to arrival

If the tenant who has rented a Holiday, despite previous written warning fails to make payment within two weeks after the written notice, the landlord may terminate the agreement with immediate effect to withdraw, without prejudice to the right of the landlord to complete payment of the agreed price.

For bookings within 6 weeks before the arrival date the full invoice amount is due immediately.

If the landlord 6 weeks before arrival not in possession of the booking amount, he is entitled to terminate the contract with the Lessee without prejudice to the right of the landlord to full payment of the agreed price.

Costs incurred during the stay must be paid by Tenant. Lessor prior to departure

The extrajudicial incurred by the Lessor reasonably cost, after notice, shall be borne by the Tenant. If the total amount is not paid in time, the interest rate on the outstanding amount fixed by law be charged. Following written warning

5. Price (subject to change)

The (total) price is agreed on the basis of the rates applicable at that time, laid down by the landlord.

All in the magazine or on the website prices quoted are in euros and include the applicable VAT rate. The prices are exclusive of tax, other levies and / or taxes (Administration) and other costs (whether imposed by the government) fees unless explicitly stated otherwise. The size and chargeability of local charges depend on the municipality of The Hague.

6. Amendment or supplement to the agreement

If the tenant wishes to make, after the conclusion of the agreement still Amendments to the Agreement allows the landlord is free to determine whether and to what extent these changes will be accepted.

When changing to a cheaper period or cheaper accommodation, the original Total price payable.

Extension of stay is possible in principle to availability. The landlord is entitled at any time to reject. An application for extension

If the landlord force majeure is unable to fulfill the contract in whole or in part, the Lessor to the Lessee a change proposal. This amendment should be rejected. The amendment is deemed to have been accepted by the Tenant if this proposal is rejected after the date thereof. Written by the tenant within 14 days The Lessor shall not be required to pay any damages.

7. Arrival and departure

The Accommodation is available from 15.00 on Arrival by date. The Arrival by information shows how late journeyed is still possible. At the park Other times may apply.

If the tenant is expected to arrive later he gives this time by the Lessor.

If the tenant within 24 hours after the agreed date without further notice has not arrived, this is considered a Cancellation.

Generally, the (Co) Tenant Accommodation on the departure date by 11:00 left should have. If the Tenant early departure, the full price for the agreed tariff period due.

The landlord may terminate the agreement with immediate effect and proceed to evacuation in:

  • a shortcoming and / or wrongful act of the Tenant.
  • If the tenant, co-tenant (s) and / or Third (n) the obligations under the agreement, the General conditions and regulations, the related information and / or government regulations and / or the instructions of the (security) personnel or on behalf of the landlord, despite (if any) prior (written) warning, or not properly comply or comply and be to the extent that, by the standards of reasonableness and fairness, the landlord can not be expected that the agreement will continue;
  • If the (Co) Tenant / Guest, despite prior (written) warning, inconvenience to the Lessor and / or Co Rent Deren and / or Guests deliver, or good atmosphere, or in the immediate vicinity of the site spoils;
  • If, despite prior (written) warning, (Co) Tenant / Guest, acts through use of the property in violation of the use of the site.
  • If in the opinion of the landlord is a risk that the landlord will suffer if the agreement is continued damage.

If the landlord wishes, early termination and eviction he must know this. Lessee to personally handed a letter In that letter, the Hirer must be informed of the possibility to submit to the Disputes Committee and the period, as defined in Article 15 of these General Conditions, to be. Thereby observed the dispute The (written) warning may be omitted in urgent cases.

After termination, the Lessee to ensure that the accommodation is left under taking along personal property and the property is left as soon as possible, but no later than the time specified. The rules for leaving the property in good condition, apply in full.

The Tenant remains in principle obliged to pay. Total Price

After a written notice and subject to a period of seven days, starting on the day of receipt, the landlord at the expense of the tenant vacate the place, notwithstanding the provisions above.

The Tenant is then obliged to compensate the damage of the landlord any damage in any case is formed by lost income because the place could not be made available to another

8. The accommodation, the park and the facilities


The pictures and other images on the website and in the information to reflect as faithfully as possible the reality. However, no rights can be founded.

Use and Handing keys, cards, etc.

With the loss of keys and cards, etc. are charged. (In respect of keys is this an amount of € 100.00). It is not allowed keys and / or cards to give to others in use.

On departure, all keys that the guests have received, to be surrendered in the manner described in the information. Behalf of their stay


(Rented) Accommodations will never be allowed to be occupied. As main residence Guests must always have elsewhere. Permanent residents Not having a permanent residence is the responsibility of the Guest and the Host can never be invoked.

It is forbidden to use other than for the (recreational) purpose for which it is intended. (Rented) Accommodation It is not allowed to stay over. The maximum people indicated in the object

It is forbidden (rented) Property to third parties, except with the prior written consent of the landlord in use. This authorization allows the landlord impose conditions which are also documented.

Built Accommodations are equipped with furniture and other necessities. The whole is the (co-) tenant in the same condition and state of cleanliness and held to be left behind as the day of arrival.

The accommodations feature a personalized decoration. It is not permitted furniture that belongs in the accommodation, take out. (Garden) furniture should not be moved. To other Accommodations

The Guest is obliged rented and keep in neat and orderly condition. Their immediate vicinity Waste must at all times (sorted) to be deposited in the purpose-built containers or bins. Placing garbage bags (and loose waste) is not allowed in connection with the hygiene and attracting (on) beast.

When not present in, or to the Property, all loose items such as bicycles, toys, etc. around the property (and in the case of camping on the property) to be cleaned up and put away as much as possible and placed out of sight. Bicycles may not be posted. Accommodations at the

The use and in or on the Property have available a beer pump with gas bottles are not allowed.

It is not allowed to open. Confined spaces

Normal use of electricity, gas and water are included in the rental cost. The Tenant is considered normal way to deal with the central heating system, the use of water and electricity. If the meter shows that there is a disproportionately high consumption, incurring extra costs will be charged.

Cleaning / Maintenance

The accommodation is cleaned delivered to the (Co) Tenant. The accommodation should be left in accordance with the conditions set forth at the information card or the cleaning instructions in the information in the property again at the end of the stay or to that information. Provided to the (Co) Tenant otherwise

If the accommodation in the vision of the (Co) Tenant at the start of the stay is not correct or complete comes, the (Co) Tenant immediately but no later report to the Lessor. So within two hours of arrival If such a failure message-place, can no longer be relied on an alleged lack on accommodation.

A Guest is obliged accommodation and the surrounding area (during the term of the agreement) in the same condition as when keeping the Guest has received or accessed.

It is the tenant, co-tenant (s) and / or Third Party (s) not allowed to dig, cut trees, to prune shrubs to place antennas fences or fences to make, or buildings or other facilities, on-site of any kind in, on, under (in case of camping equipment) or to place the Property or without prior written consent of the landlord. from any other activity of a similar nature

The landlord reserves the right to incorrect use and / or not properly leave the additional accommodation (cleaning) costs to charge. The (Co) Tenant

The final cleaning will be arranged by the Landlord and bearing the cost of which is required by the tenant. The final cleaning is not included in any case the dishes, collecting linen and towels and depositing the waste in the waste container. This work should be performed by the tenant.

The landlord reserves the right to from 08.00 (cleaning) activities around the property to (to) perform.

It may be carried out without this will lead to a right to any compensation in respect thereof. During the stay (maintenance) activities in the park or on the property The landlord will inconvenience minimizing or limiting.

The landlord always has the right to enter for inspection and / or maintenance (do) perform without the (Co) Tenant entitled to receive full or partial refund of the price paid or payable (rent) sums. The leased properties In addition, the landlord temporarily suspend, without the guest before becoming entitled to full or partial refund of paid or payable (rent) sums. Entitled buildings and equipment out of service for maintenance

Places extra camping equipment

It is prohibited to place. A Caravan or in the vicinity of a Holiday Camping equipment are only allowed on a designated camping on the Kijkduinpark.

Facilities and equipment ground

Not all park facilities and restaurants are open all year. The landlord is not the party that governs these matters. The park manager reserves the right to make changes in the design and opening of the facilities in and outside the parks. To

The park manager reserves the right to change the design and implementation of the land and to change. Related objects and Accommodation (s)

9. Park Rules

For rules that refer to the Park Regulations contained in the information folder in the house. Kijkduinpark on the subject

10. Laws

The Lessor shall at all times ensure that the Holiday, both internally and externally, to all environmental and safety requirements of government at the Holiday (can) be made.

The lessee is obliged all safety regulations in the field strictly comply. He shall also ensure that co-tenant (s) and / or Third Party (s) to visit him and / or his stay in force on the ground (safety) compliance regulations strictly.

11. Pets and smoking

Pets are not allowed.

Smoking in the accommodation is not allowed. If, following the departure of the tenant is that this has to have been the case, the additional cost of this cleaning will be charged.

12. Parking

In general, a car in an accommodation allowed unless otherwise stated. Cars are not allowed visitors. The park manager reserves the right to change it. Parking for

Parking is at the appropriate places. Parking on the road is prohibited at all times.

If these parking rules are violated, the park manager reserves itself the vehicle (to) remove the right. The costs thereof shall be borne by the respective guests.

13. Liability

The landlord does not accept any liability for (list is not exhaustive but indicates the most relevant events):

1. accident, theft, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever, during or following a stay at the parks and / or accommodation or facilities offered / facilities. This includes the things that are left behind. Guests at the park or the accommodation

2. the breaking down or disabling of technical equipment and the failure or closure of facilities at the parks and / or accommodation.

3. information provided orally.

4. discomfort and / or inconvenience, which is caused by third parties. outside the responsibility of the landlord

5. consequences of participating in sports courses, adventures and activities organized at the park.

6. recognizable as such (printing) errors and mistakes listed on the website, magazine or otherwise. Not this one. Bind the landlord

7. Service disruptions or defects in services provided by third parties, such as the care under a Care Package. Deliver the care provider

8. services under the agreement between the landlord and (Co) Tenant. supplied by third parties

9. damage due to the moving of property of guests by staff of the landlord.

10. effects of extreme weather or other force majeure.

unless there is gross negligence or intent on the part of the landlord.

d. The Lessee shall indemnify the Lessor for any claims relating to damage to third parties (also) the result of any act or omission of the Tenant and / or his fellow travelers and / or other guests who through an act or for the (Co) Tenant in the park.

e. The (Co) Tenant and / or his guests are jointly and severally liable for all damage caused by the Landlord and / or any third party as a direct or indirect result of their stay. This includes, but are not limited to, damage caused by acts or omissions of themselves or third parties that are in the park are at their hands and / or damage caused by any animal and / or property which they are entrusted. Any damage should the (Co) Tenant and / or his guests immediately at the reception of the park and spot to be reimbursed immediately, unless it is demonstrated that the occurrence of the damage is not due to the fault of (a reported of) them.

f. If the (Co) Tenant and / or (are) Guests in any way damage or has been affected (property) the landlord or his guests or inconvenience caused thereby or have been involved or have misbehaved than otherwise have acted with their terms and / or regulations do than act or have acted in such a way that this conflict produces in the opinion of the landlord to its interests or those of such third parties, could infringe the landlord decide that persons not mentioned welcome to its parks and / or under his management and parks can person or persons he said at any time deny access to (one of) the parks mentioned (to) without the landlord will be liable for damages.

h. The Lessor agrees to after notification by the Tenant of nuisance caused by other guests, to take appropriate action.

i. Any liability of the landlord is limited to the amount paid under the current liability of the landlord.

14. Privacy

The personal data of Guests are included in the directory of the landlord. This information will only be used for effective operation and for sending its own commercial interests or by the Lessor carefully selected third parties. The landlord does not provide information to third parties that the privacy of the (Co) Tenant or the Guests affect, except in the event that the Lessor in connection with violation of Park Rules and / or in the case, in the opinion of the landlord there is or may be of criminal offenses, the police turn or in situations requiring emergency care offered.

If the tenant wishes to receive or objects to providing address information to third parties, any advertising of the landlord that he can simply writing to the landlord.

If booked by telephone gives the Tenant by giving up his email address consent to the sending of commercial offers by the Lessor to this email address.

If a guest is photographed by chance during his stay and on the photo used in a publication by or on behalf of the Landlord, the consent of the guest with that use presumed to be given.

15. Deposit and settlement

In connection with the “final check” will be a deposit per reserved accommodation will be charged. Per period

The landlord reserves the right to still charge., In certain situations, such as a reservation for more than 3 weeks, an (extra) deposit / cleaning / housekeeping and linens

The Lessor shall at all times have the right to progress (outstanding items, fines and damages) to the Tenant and the Guests under his contract, for any reason whatsoever, to deduct any amounts paid by them, including the (extra) Deposit. If necessary, an additional invoice will be forwarded.

The (extra) Security deposit or the balance thereof shall be at least 10 days after the departure will be refunded if the property is left in accordance with our (cleaning) regulations and no (loss) amounts to offset more open. The refund of the deposit is not relinquished any claim or compensation in any form whatsoever.

One year after departure, the right to a refund of the deposit.

16. Other provisions

Choice of Law

All agreements concluded between the Landlord and the Tenant is the Dutch law.


Despite the utmost care and effort it is still possible that a guest has a complaint. This complaint must be reported to the landlord, in order to take these measures. Up the opportunity as soon as possible If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, then the tenant no later than two weeks after the onset of the complaint an opportunity to submit to the Lessor. Complaint in writing


Dispute following applies to all disputes arising from the agreement.

1. All disputes relating to the contract is governed by Dutch law. Only the Disputes Committee or a Dutch court has jurisdiction to hear disputes of this knowledge. Without prejudice to paragraph 3, let the foregoing, in those places where the conditions speak of Disputes Committee, called on the civil court matters.

2. Disputes between the tenant and the landlord about the establishment or implementation of the agreement to which these conditions apply, may be submitted to the Dispute Recreation, PO Box 90600, 2509 LP The Hague (visiting address both the Tenant and the Landlord : Bordewijklaan 46 2591 XR The Hague).

3. A dispute by the Disputes Committee discussed only if the Tenant has submitted his complaint. Within two weeks after the birth, writing to the landlord Then the tenant after he has submitted his complaint to the landlord make the dispute, at least two months in writing to the Dispute pending compliance with the rules referred to in paragraph 8 of this Article and also stating names and addresses of the Tenant and the Landlord and a clear description of the dispute and the claim. If the Tenant the dispute to the Disputes Committee has submitted the landlord bound by this choice.

4. The Disputes Committee is not competent to take a dispute pending

  • concerns a complaint about illness, injury or death;
  • concerning the non-payment of an invoice which no substantive complaint is based.

5. If the landlord a dispute to the Disputes Committee, takes the Disputes Committee this proceed only after the Tenant has stated that he is the decision of the Arbitration Committee will submit and any outstanding (remaining) amount in writing within one month Disputes Commission has deposited.

6. If the tenant submits a dispute to the Disputes Committee, takes the Disputes Committee will proceed only after the Tenant has paid treatment. Lessor may be due to the (remaining) amount to the Disputes Committee in depot The Tenant must pay this amount into an account to be specified by the Disputes Committee within one month. If the tenant has not paid in time, it is believed that he will not submit. To the judgment of the Dispute

7. For the treatment of a dispute to a fee.

8. For the consideration of disputes referred to the Disputes Committee Rules Recreation.